By suscotting, Sep 10 2018 08:31PM

I am fortunate enough to own a mezzotint by the Polish artist Ewa Kutylak whose work is really inspirational. Take a look at her work -

By suscotting, Aug 26 2018 07:42PM

only four sleeps til EOTR and my biggest dilemma is Tiny Ruins or Penelope Isles or maybe learn to bilocate

By suscotting, Aug 26 2018 07:32PM

The brilliant album by Tim Rutil & Craig Ross I am currently living in..any one of these tracks is a well to fall into. I can hear Lennon and Heron King at times. Rutili has a voice like warm chocolate on burnt toast. Greasing up the Third Eye is some ancient incantation stretched to breaking..

Essential listening ..if you haven't already you should.


By suscotting, Jul 10 2018 09:13PM


Su Scotting & Sam Harrison will be having a show of new paintings & prints at Birdwood House. Totnes May 26- June 01 2019.

By suscotting, Jul 6 2018 08:54PM

Still waiting for 10 Seconds to Collapse by Tim Rutili & Craig Ross to arrive in CD form...should be here by July 25th. I live in the Precambrian Era..Using the time between wisely, listening to Jimmywine Majestic by Red Red Meat.

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