By suscotting, May 29 2018 11:26PM

Tim Rutili & Craig Ross have a new album coming on June 22 -10 seconds to Collapse -

Watch the wonderful film for the track The Day Before the Peaches Rot on YOUtube

have just got back from watching Robyn Hitchcock solo acoustic at Kingskerswell Parish Church..absolute beauty on his Fylde guitar...waiting for the feline takeover

By suscotting, May 21 2018 08:07PM

New Ryley Walker album has just landed...

Spent weekend with the Bournemouth Massive and heard Your Queen is a Reptile by Sons of Kemet.. came out in March but I'm a late starter.. absolutely loving it ...

We have sun for a whole uninterrupted week...imagine!!!

Good things are on their way.

By suscotting, Mar 28 2018 08:51PM

Tim Rutili and Craig Ross are set to bring out an album of songs sometime in Spring.

For this relief much thanks!

Have been listening to Colter Wall whose voice sounds like it's been here before and lots of Elliott Smith to get me through the deep winter.

How lucky we are to have/had such people serving our souls. II's an honour.

I realise I come from a devotional generation where music's concerned. I'm with Pythagoras & Plato on that one..

By suscotting, Jan 19 2018 01:57PM

Christmas I was listening to Tim Buckley, Ryley Walker and endless rain. Beautiful walks in the middle of nowhere, grey skies, scrubby land, hail.. a few iof my favourite things.

Now the Snooker Masters has reached the quarter finals can life get any better.. well it could if you're a Mark Williams fan....

Unable to download Heron King Blues reissue.. a real shame.. haven't had any trouble before. Secretly Canadian appears to be run by Trappists who don't respond to emails.. they keep pretty silent anyhow..vinyl isn't all that portable.

Winter has been deluxe. it always is.. all that space.... you can see for miles....all those greys..dove, gunpowder, Paynes...what a season..

By suscotting, Dec 8 2017 09:39PM



My favourite Califone album comes with extras.

Music doesn't really get any better than this.

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