By suscotting, Apr 17 2020 04:11PM

strange days indeed...

seeing more in a cirumscribed space than ever before both inside and outside.

that thing about the limitation and liberation of form.

well noticing my own mental patterns and not able to blame stuff on a world that isn't there anymore so having to own them!

but also seeing deeper into the land and paths when walking... seeing what's actually there without the oilslick of capitalism on top of everything.

Listening to music.. califone. mark mulcahy, the fall, jason molina, captain beefheart, nick drake,elliott smith, radiohead, eno..all the ones that remind me what it is to be human and real

slowing down

slowing way way down

to watch the grass snake basking

and the way sticks and stones fall in the road

even though the world is roaring and it may well blow my house down.. life will do that anyway someday

some stones look like families and some sticks look like old gods

it's all under your feet

everything is here

By suscotting, Feb 23 2020 11:39AM

I don't get out much but when I do it's for live gigs.

This year's End of the Road promses The Pixies and Andy Shauf as well as a whole bunch of other musicians but these alone will see me going.

Hoping to make it to Rozi Plain in Totnes in March and Tony Dekker in Exeter.

Storms here

Snooker tomorrow

By suscotting, Feb 23 2020 11:35AM

New Califone album just landed...Unlike me to be lost for words.. but where to find them? all i can say is please listen...moments like this don't come too often.

I had similar feelings when I stood in front of The Jewish Bride at the Rembrandt exhibition, when I first read John Donne, when I first heard Gavin Bryars and also Eno/Byrne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts...something inexplicably changes by its being in the world.

By suscotting, Jan 21 2020 10:09AM

Echo Mine due out in February. Check out new single Romans on's a delicate peach.

Pixies headlining at EOTR this year.

Sun shining over heavy frost here.

Favourite recent re read - The Abundance of Less by Andy Couturier.

Just finished library book The Bride of Newgate by John Dickson Carr - that man could write a romp and no mistake.

Bamboozled by the world.. gently floating down a sidestream..increasingly not getting it...maybe the Pythons were right.. it is all about having a good read and doing a spot of flower arranging.

feeling older and slower here ..could just be Winter .. but finding that these are not necessarily negatives.

By suscotting, Sep 4 2019 06:41PM

Well, apparently so cos 2019 was the year I discovered Richard Buckner and the late Jason Molina.. I'm ashamed to admit it but thrilled to have found them. Blue Factory Flame just haunts me.

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