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2017 Paintings focus on Amulets as objects/formulae that people have traditionally used for protection/ to deflect fears. I've chosen to look at these as there seems to be so much free floating fear about right now. These amulet paintings, drawing on ritual art from around the world , are my response.


Amulets 084


                                                       Magic Square        

                       Mixed media - acrylic & found images on canvas                                                  



Amulets 085

An Amulet to protect against the fear of meeting other people

                                    Acrylic on canvas



Amulets 086

An Amulet to protect against your mother's fears

                     Mixed media on Paper

Amulets 093

                         An Amulet for Travellers

      Mixed media - acrylic, mirrors, shell, found photo

DSC05036 CROPPED small

Plague Amulet  (to protect against the collapse of the NHS)

  Mixed Media - found image, rope & acrylic on canvas

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